A loose collection of individuals who are stoked to be racing together. Mostly cyclocross. Based out of Milwaukee, WI.

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The team

Jo Van Deraffe Milwaukee, WI
Andrew Aaron Milwaukee, WI
Brad Gilders Milwaukee, WI
Brian Koll Milwaukee, WI
Charlie Lavin Milwaukee, WI
Christian Walding Milwaukee, WI
Courtney Cotton Denver, CO
Jakub Chykowski Milwaukee, WI
Jason McDowell Milwaukee, WI
Kelly Lambeth Milwaukee, WI
Leah Stieber Milwaukee, WI
Elizabeth Franczyk Milwaukee, WI
Nathan Kensley Minneapolis, MN
Phillip Van Asten Milwaukee, WI
Robert Vester Milwaukee, WI
Ryan PB Milwaukee, WI
Steve Mehne Denver, CO
Sunniva Kess Chicago, IL

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